Research Studio iSpace – Applied GEOInformatics

Location-specific decisions have become an important part of our everyday lives. Spatial questions are a driving force for innovation, with geoinformatics being essential in the development of new infrastructures and digital maps. The Research Studio iSPACE focuses on innovative analysis- and decision-supporting solutions to complex spatial questions. Our research produces the building blocks for tackling some of today’s major challenges, such as the energy revolution, land consumption, industry digitalization or climate change.

Many companies, organizations, public administrations and NGOs benefit from the vast expertise of the Research Studios iSpace, with offers along the value chain ranging from basic research at the Z_GIS department to application-oriented research together with international partners and value-building innovations for clients and users.

iSPACE.forPLANNING – Smart Settlement Systems

iSPACE.forPLANNING is an international work group focused on the topic of smart settlement systems. The team develops innovative spatial indicators, site assessment models and planning tools and is your professional partner for all current, socially relevant topics. Spatial analyses are particularly useful in optimizing decision-making processes and are frequently used in urban and regional planning as well as in mobility planning, spatial research, location and infrastructure planning or strategic business planning.

Together with research and business partners, iSPACE develops indicators and interactive web tools for making planning strategies more transparent and to back them up with valid figures and maps. Thus, we want to lay the foundation for competent strategy development and action planning for increased regional competitiveness as well as for sustainable spatial development for more quality of life, with special regard to cross-thematic trends and challenges of spatial development, such as climate or demographic change.

In a cross-system approach, our integrative research focus of “Smart Settlement Systems” combines the latest technologies with the individual needs of areas such as spatial development, mobility, energy, infrastructure, social issues and demography by more thoroughly analysing buildings and neighbourhoods in the context of their respective location profiles and surrounding infrastructure (networks) in planning processes. Our aim is to develop holistic, integrated solutions that also take into account aspects of energy efficiency, environmentally sound mobility, space consumption and residents’ quality of life.

iSPACE.onENERGY – Smart Energy Balances

A secure, efficient and ecology-minded energy supply is of vital importance for a sustainable economy and social development. Due to increasing energy needs, climate change and geopolitical risks, Europe’s energy industry is faced with great challenges.

“Smart Energy Balance” is a central analytic concept resulting from iSPACE.onENERGY’s research work based on different spatial scales and thematic focuses (electricity, heat, etc.). Our research competence and prototypical solutions are based on an explicitly geographical approach to complex energy issues.

iSPACE’s R&D projects are characterized by a holistic approach and the deliberate integration of economic, social, political and environmental aspects with regard to spatial relationships. With our integrative solutions we want to offer new perspectives to (political) decision makers as well as individual citizens.

iSPACE.onINFRASAFETY – Smart 4D Environments

iSPACE.onINFRASAFETY focuses on the integration, exploitation and communication of large geoinformation data volumes, with special regard to location-based sensor measurements. Our aim is to incorporate current spatial contexts (“situational awareness”) and their monitoring into important decision-making processes in environmental, health and security management, placing particular importance on transparent spatial positioning of indoor and outdoor applications.

iSPACE.onINFRASAFETY’s area of expertise is the conception and organisation of sustainable geo data infrastructures, including the definition of adaptive user workflows and professional approaches to the semantic harmonization of spatiotemporal information assets (big data).

iSPACE.onINFRASAFETY focuses on research and development in the fields of industry 4.0, Internet of Things, applied geoinformatics for security research and risk management. Our studio offers professional services for the energy and infrastructure industry, industrial production environments, transport and logistics, risk and emergency management as well as for public services.


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