Doctoral degrees:

Doctoral degrees mainly serve as the further development of the ability to carry out independent scientific research and last six semesters. Admission to doctoral studies always requires the completion of a subject related master's, diploma, or teaching degree.
If a subject related degree has not been completed as a basis or if the degree was completed at another university or university of applied sciences, a preliminary admission procedure based on the documents submitted will clarify whether the application for admission to the doctoral degree programme can be accepted. As well as the form "Application for admission to doctoral degrees" the following documents must be produced in their original form:

- Degree certificate for the completed degree
- Transcript of records for all exams completed
- Curriculum (course plan/ study regulations) of the completed degree
- Abstract from your master's or diploma thesis

The academic degree of Doctor is awarded for doctoral studies. A dissertation (scientific work) must be written within the framework of the course. The dissertation must be defended with a dissertation defence examination.
More infromation can be obtained from

The current course programme of the University of Salzburg can be found here.


Tuition fees:

On the basis of your nationality tution fees which are currently € 746.92 (tution fees inclusive of ÖH (Austrain national union of students contribution)) are payable.
Detailed information on the regulations for long term residents in Austria can be obtained from


Application deadline:
10.1. for admission in the summer semester
10.8. for admission in the winter semester

Admission to doctoral degrees may take place outside of these times.

Special university entrance qualification:

With regard to admission to a course of studies, a confirmation from a recognized university in the country which issued the school leaving certificate or the degree certificate must be submitted. This confirmation must show that you meet the general prerequisites and course specific requirements of the current semester there (e.g. entrance examinations or average scores) and that you have the right to study there.
This confirmation must refer to an academic degree as it would be taken at the University of Salzburg. If you wish to continue your studies at the University of Salzburg, you will have to submit a confirmation from your university which states that you can continue to study there in the current semester of the course. The relevant form can be found here.

Nationality of school leaving certificate for university entrance:

Educational qualifications:

Your original educational qualifications need to be verified by means of a "Hague Apostille".
This verification should be added to the back of your original documents or included in an appendix which is attached to the original documents. You can find more information on the applicationy process for the issue
of a "Hague Apostille".
Original foreign language documents (except for English-language documents) must be accompanied by certified German translations which were carried out by court-certified translators. Translators must attach the original documents to the translation so they cannot be separated. If the translation is not carried out in Austria, the translator must be authorised by the responsible Austrian Embassy.

Knowledge of language:

According to § 63 Abs. 10 of the Austrian Universities Act of 2002, persons whose first language is not that of the language of instruction must prove that their language skills in the language of instruction are sufficient to successfully complete the degree course. For this purpose, either a school leaving certificate from a school where the language of instruction was the same as that for the desired degree course or one of the defined certificates will be accepted as sufficient evidence.
Study Programmes – Teaching Language German
If competency of the German Language cannot be submitted, the rectorate can, according to § 63 Abs. 10a of the Universities Act of 2002 request the completion of a supplementary examination prior to admittance. According to § 63 Abs. 10b this supplementary examination must be taken upon completion of the university preparation course (VPLUS) held specifically for this purpose. In order to take part in this university preparation course, an A2 level of competency in German must be demonstrated at the time of application to the desired study programme. Proof of such competency can be demonstrated by submitting one of the defined certificates, which may not be older than 2 years at the time of submission. Details on the language certificates can be found here.
Applicants who have been issued an Letter of Notification are eligible to attend the university preparation course (VPLUS) regarding the supplementary examination. Detailed information about VPLUS can be found here.
Study Programmes – Teaching Language English
Applicants of the following master's degree programmes which are offered in English have to proof their English knowledge. Details of the language certificates can be found here.

European Union Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Political Science Integration and Governance, Digital Communication Leadership, Applied Geoinformatics, Molecular Biology, Medical Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Applied Image and Signal Processing, Chemistry and Physics of Materials. After an examination, doctoral studies can also be carried out in a foreign language.
Mobility / Exchange Programmes
No defined language requirement for participants in university mobility and scholarship programs (e.g. ERASMUS). Details on the Mobility / Exchange Programs can be found here.


In preparation for the personal enrollment please complete the onlinePREREGISTRATION and make an appointment for your personal enrollment.

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