Information about the preparation course

University course for the preparation of supplementary exams

The university course is for the preparation of supplementary courses at Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg (VPLUS). The aims of the course are to prepare international applicants so they can prove their knowledge of the German language according to (§ 63 (10) and (11) or §63 (10a) and (10b) University Act of 2002). Students are eligible to participate in the courses of the preparation course for three semesters and are classed as non-degree students during this time. The supplementary examination must be completed before admission to a regular course of studies at Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg (PLUS).

NEW curriculum 2019S (valid from Summer Semester 2019)


Subject to sufficient course places, all participants who fulfil the following prerequisites can participate in the course:

  • Valid admission letter from the Rector of the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg.
  • Registration and admission as a non-degree student with the given registration periods.
  • Full payment of the given course fees plus the Austrian Students' Union (ÖH) fees of € 19,70 per semester within the given deadlines.
  • Obligatory placement test at registration.

*ÖH = Austrian Students' Union

Status Students

All participants registered in VPLUS are classed as non-degree students. You are classed as members of the university and receive a student card from the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg.

Aims of the course

Students acquire language skills at level B2 + of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students will develop language skills so they can cope in Austrian academic and general everyday life. They will have a good command of German which will enable them to follow and actively participate in courses. In addition to the linguistic and specialist knowledge required for their studies, study-specific skills, including the ability to learn autonomously and intercultural competences are key areas of VPLUS. This will enable students to act autonomously in university and non-university life.


The VPLUS consists of 3 modules including German courses at three different levels. The grouping is based on the language skills of the students according to a placement test. The passed placement test corresponds to the final exam of the previous module.

Due to a change in the law, proof of language proficiency at A2 level is required for admission to university degree courses from Summer Semester 2019. Details on the language certificates can be found here.

Modules following the NEW curriculum 2019S

  • Module 1: Independent Language Use (starting at A2 – target level B1)
  • Module 2: Independent in Language and Culture (Start B1 – target level B1+/B2)
  • Module 3: Competent in Studies and Daily Life (Start B1+/B2 – target level B2+)


The courses continuously assess the student’s performance which means attendance is compulsory and is calculated from the first day of the course.  In all modules, assessment will take place in sub-module examinations (course-based examination form). When all courses in a module have been completed successfully, the module is considered complete.

The supplementary examination which needs to be carried out as a condition of the letter acceptance is considered to have been completed upon successful completion of the course. Along with the certificate of course completion you will also receive a confirmation of the completion of the supplementary examination.

In addition, the provisions of §§ 72-79 of the University Act of 2002 and the study law section of the regulations of the University of Salzburg apply.

  • News
    On Monday, 25. January 2021 at 6:00 pm, the online event "Infected Democracy" will take place as part of the course "Change- News in the Context of Politics, Economics and Technology“ under the leadership of Josef Trappel and Stefan Gadringer.
    As part of the series "MUSIC & MEDICINE“ the science and art cooperation focus group is organising a total of three online lectures in January and February 2021.
    With the PLUS Talk, a new form of communication was introduced to the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg in 2020. Within the framework of this format members of the rectorate discuss certain key issues with employees of the PLUS, students and public representatives. The discussions take place LIVE and offer participants the opportunity to ask questions on current topics.
    On Wednesday 17th March 2021 PLUS is holding a virtual open day and warmly invites all interested pupils and final year classes offenen. Further information can be found under
    After talks with the ministry and intensive consultation with the deans, the rectorate of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg has decided that exams should generally only be conducted online at the moment. The following points apply here:
    There are numerous challenges in everyday elementary education, not only in Corona times. The art lies in dealing constructively with challenging situations. The fourth day of elementary education in Salzburg on 22nd January 2021, which will take place in digital form due to the pandemic-related measures, is dedicated to the topic of "Dealing with challenges in a solution-oriented way - competently and safely".
    Dialogue and Liberation in a Digital Future - Place and time: Paris Lodron University Salzburg; 14-16 October 2021 - Contact:
    INTERDISCIPLINARY CONGRESS under the leadership of Reinhard Heinisch, Reinhard Klaushofer, Christoph Kühberger and Margit Reiter
    Prof. Dr. Hans van Ess (Vice President of the Ludwig Maximilians University and Professor at the Institute for Sinology) with the topic "New Confucianism in the 21st Century" on Tuesday, 19 January, 2021 at 6:00 pm.
    As part of the series „MUSIC & MEDICINE“ the cooperation focus group science and art is organising another online lecture on the 27th January 2021.
    10 am /Online-Matinee with lecture and discussion „Artes“ series with Robert Brennan and Wolf-Dietrich Löhr.
    As part of the series „MUSIC & MEDICINE“ the cooperation focus group science and culture is organising another online lecture on the 3rd February 2021.
    The Law Academy at the University of Salzburg is offering three online seminars in January 2021 on the topics of an update to competition law (antitrust law and UWG) on Friday, 15 January 2021, an update to company law on Friday, 22 January 2021 and an update to warranty law on Friday, 29th January 2021.
    We would like to remind you of the Call for Lectures, which is still open until 28th February. Apply to be a lecturer at the ditact_women‘s IT summer studies, which will take place from the 23rd August.- 04th September 2021 at the University of Salzburg. It is very important to us to also support young female lecturers. E
  • Veranstaltungen
  • 19.01.21 Neukonfuzianismus im 21. Jahrhundert
    20.01.21 Das doing menstruation in der Gesellschaft der Nachhaltigkeit
    20.01.21 Wie wirkt Musik?
    21.01.21 Friderike ›Zweig‹ und weibliche Intellektualität im frühen 20. Jahrhundert
    22.01.21 Friderike ›Zweig‹ und weibliche Intellektualität im frühen 20. Jahrhundert
    22.01.21 Update GmbH-Recht
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