Registration for VPLUS

1) Letter of acceptance from the University of Salzburg (admissions department)

The VPLUS course can only be attended by students who have to take a supplementary examination to prove their knowledge of the German language.

Applications for admission should be made to the admissions department.

2) Registration for VPLUS (Language Centre: 30.06.-09.07.2020 & 08.09.-17.09.2020)

You can register for  VPLUS in the course office (Language Center) with the acceptance letter from the admissions department. Registration must be carried out personally.

The following are required for registration:

  • Letter of acceptance issued by the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg
  • Passport or other valid form of photo identification (e.g. identity card)

The course fee of €700 is to be paid after registration.

3) Personal registration (Language Centre and Admissions Department)

You will receive a confirmation of payment and a receipt from the course office (Language Centre). You should then submit the payment confirmation to the Admissions Department to enrol personally.

4) Placement test (Language Centre)

In the course of the registration the mandatory assessment test will take place. Afterwards you will get more detailed information.

5) Admission to the course

Please note:
The course management will decide on the final admission to the course.

You will  receive a confirmation from us regarding your acceptance immediately. If you are not accepted, as the course has a limited number of participants or if the course is not held due to an insufficient number of participants, the course fee will be refunded.

You will also receive all the relevant information from us regarding:

  • Course level
  • Course times
  • Course location
  • Course book

Please note:
  • Attendance is calculated from the first day of the course.
  • Please visit the course you have been assigned to.
  • Course changes are generally not possible.

6) Payment of the ÖH Fees

After admission to the course and successful payment of the course fees, you will receive your login data for PLUSonline.

Please note:
Please then pay the ÖH fees, because only then can we register you for the courses of the preparation course.

7) Student card (admissions department)

After paying your ÖH fees you can collect your student card from the admissions department.


Cancellation of the binding course registration can only be made in writing and should be sent to the Course Manager by the 19.09.2020. The decisive factor in the withdrawal / cancellation  of course registration is date the written declaration reaches the University of Salzburg. In this case, the course fees are not due.

In the case of a later cancellation the full course fee has to be paid as a cancellation fee.

The university may disregard payment of the course fees / cancellation fee if the now free place on the course can be filled without any administrative effort. Should a participant be forced to prematurely end the course due to unforeseen, unavoidable, fateful events, such as an accident, a serious life-threatening illness or the like, the university may disregard payment of  the remainder of the course fees and it repay the part of the course that was not taken.