Course information

The Language Centre offers 4 different General English courses - 2 to 4 phases at each level:

  • Pre-Intermediate English
  • Intermediate English
  • Upper Intermediate English
  • Advanced English

We also offer 3 courses for English for Specific Purposes (pre-requisites: language level B1+/B2):

  • Academic English
  • Academic English: Reading and Writing
  • Academic English: Listening and Speaking
  • Business English I+II
  • Proposal Writing for National Funding Programmes

To find out which course caters best for your needs there are orientation tests available for each level.

Course requirements
min. 80% attendance, active participation, written assignments, mid-term and end-term test

The course Pre-Intermediate English comprises of 3 hours a week plus one hour tutorial, an equivalent of 4.5 ECTS-credits. "Proposal Writing for National Funding Programmes" comprises of 1 hour a week. 1.5 ECTS-credits are allocated.
All the others are 2-hour-courses to which 3 ECTS-credits are allocated.

Courses in the summer term

Course Prerequisite Target level
Pre-Intermediate II A2/A2+ A2+/B1
Intermediate II B1 B1+
Upper Intermediate II B1+/B2 B2
Advanced English II B2/B2+ B2+/C1
Advanced English IV C1 C1+
Academic English: Listening and Speaking B2+ C1
Academic English: Reading and Writing B2+ C1
Business English II B1+/B2 B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse

Courses in the winter term

Course Prerequisite Target level
Pre-Intermediate I A1+/A2 A2/A2+
Intermediate I A2+/B1 B1
Upper Intermediate I B1/B1+ B1+/B2
Advanced I B2 B2+
Advanced III B2+/C1 C1
Academic English B2 B2+
Business English I B1+/B2 B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse
Proposal Writing for National Funding Programmes B1+/B2 B2-Fachsprachenkenntnisse
  • News
    Dr. Alisauskiene is holding a lecture in the summer term 2020 regarding "Religion in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of Berlin wall: individuals, institutions and politics". The course will be held in English.
    On the 21st of February 2020, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniel Ruzek will hold a talk on "Antiviral therapy of tick-borne encephalitis: current options and challenges". It will take place at 11 am in the seminar room 103 at the first floor of Billrothstrasse 11. The Department of Biosciences cordially invites all listeners!
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