Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences
Course Duration / ECTS 6 semesters / 180 ECTS
University degree Bachelor of Social Science (BSSc)
Faculty Faculty of Cultural and Social Science
Department Political Science and Sociology
Mode Full time
Study ID
D 033 613
Admission Requirements Matura or school leaving certificate (e.g., Abitur (GER), GCE
levels (UK), Diplome du Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement du
Second Degre (F), Titulo de Bachiller (E), Attestat (RSF)),
which is comparable in length and quality to the Austrian Matura.

What will I learn?

Besides general key competences such as self-management, communication skills, and the ability to process and impart knowledge, students acquire specifically sociological knowledge in the Bachelor's degree course in Sociology. Graduates in Sociology have knowledge of sociological theories, sociological ways of thinking and basic concepts, and are able to apply this knowledge to the analysis and interpretation of social circumstances. Furthermore, graduates are acquainted with the methods of empirical social research, know basic techniques of the statistical analysis of data, and possess factual knowledge of a diversity of empirical regularities. They are able to deal critically with the literature of social science, possess basic research skills and techniques, and are able to cooperate in sociological research projects.

Which career opportunities do I have?

Sociologists can choose from a number of different occupations. Depending on students' personal interests, but also on specialization and additional competences acquired within and outside of the course, graduates work in different fields. They are distinguished by a profound training in the methods of social sciences and by their critical-analytical view at social structures and processes. Exactly these competences make them attractive for employers. Potential occupations include research at universities and non-university institutions, market research and opinion polling, public administration, adult education, analysis and counselling for social problem situations (e.g., social work, social services) and social planning (e.g., the planning of social work in private and governmental institutions), as well as occupations in business enterprises (e.g., human resource management, organizational consulting, human resource development, internal counselling and planning), in Social Profit Organizations and NGOs, or in leisure and culture institutions.

How is the course structured?

Bachelor of Social Science

Introduction to Sociology (incl. STEOP)18 ECTS
Sociological Basic Knowledge18 ECTS
Methods of Empirical Social Research18 ECTS
Statistics9 ECTS
Thematic modules
Culture Sociology9 ECTS
Social Structure9 ECTS
Social Change9 ECTS
Specialization Modules
Culture Sociology and Sociological Theory15 ECTS
Social Structure and Methods15 ECTS
Social Change and Special Sociologies15 ECTS
Optional subjects24 ECTS
Bachelor's thesis8 ECTS
Bachelor's examination4 ECTS
Total180 ECTS


Bild Manfred Gabriel
Ass.-Prof. (BDG) Dr. Manfred Gabriel Head of the curriculum committee Sociology
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