July 21st 2020 The last of the Knights Templar? ...    

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

Image: Cemper-Kiesslich  

... was Arnau de Torroja (died 1184) probably not, but the only one who's (alleged) internment was discovered to date. In course of renovation works in the Chiesa di San Fermo in Verona, the Magister Templi è il Presidente dei Templari Cattolici d ́Italia Mauro Ferretti encountered the sarcophagus and the remains. An interdisciplinary, international project, headed by Daniele Mattiangeli (Dept. of Civil Law) and. Jan Cemper-Kiesslich (Depts. of Forensic Medicine and Classical Studies) was initiated last year, aiming to investigate bioarchaeological and archaeometric features as well as collecting and analyzing DNA from the remains. Until now it was possible to determine the sex and the age of the body. Thanks to the radiocarbon-analysis it was also possible to define the assumed age of death. The next research steps involve DNA samplings from Arnau's relatives, to obtain reference data and to undoubtedly identify the remains from San Fermo. A third project phase - with a focus on legal history - includes the workup of the hereditary of the burial place in Verona, as well as a legal historical evaluation of the era of the disintegration of the Knights Templar - of which Arnau was the last Grand Master - at the times of the Great Schism in the 12th century.  


October 20th 2019: Pig decomposition experiment at the institute

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

Images: Janine Geissenberger

A new study has been performed in collaboration of the Departments for Forensic Medicine and Biosciences, investigating postmortem protein degradation patterns in amputated pig hind limbs. These were stored for 7 days at 30 °C and muscle samples were collected at predefined time points. Biochemical analyses of collected samples will provide additional knowledge about postmortem decomposition patterns of muscle proteins. The results will contribute to a multi-factorial protein degradation model, which will be used to improve time since death estimation.  


August 30th 2019 Site Visit - Forensic Research Station Amsterdam  

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Images: Stefan Pittner

In the summer of 2018 two corpses of body donors were buried at a forensic research outdoor facility in Amsterdam as part of an international research cooperation project between the Dept. of Forensic Medicine Salzburg and research groups from Great Britain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. This summer those two bodies were exhumed and analyzed. Additionally, tissue samples were taken for various research projects. The cooperation with this – in Europe unique - forensic research facility and the associated research groups is an exceptional opportunity for the Department to conduct advanced practical forensic research.


June 30rd 2019: Research travel to forensic institutions in the USA


Images: Stefan Pittner

Scientists of the Departments of Forensic Medicine and Biosciences participated in a research travel to the United States. Visits of the Chief Medical Examiner from Detroit/MI, Dr. Carl Schmidt, the Mikrobiome-Lab of Dr. Eric Benbow and Dr. Jennifer Petchal in East Lansing/MI, the "Forensic Research Outdoor Station" (FROST) in Marquette/MI, directed by Dr. Jane Wankmiller and the Coroner of Jackson County/WY, Dr. Brent Blue were among the highlights. 

We discussed our ongoing collaborations, initiated new mutual research projects and gave talks about the research in Salzburg in the course of two public seminars. 

Seminar at the North Michigan University

TV News about our seminar at NMU


May 15th 2019: Opening ceremony of the new autopsy room and offices in Linz


Image: Linz AG

A new autopsy room and offices were opened in the Johann-Metz-Staße in Linz. DI Werner Sonnleitner, manager of the LINZ SERVICE GmbH, Mag.a Karin Weilguny, department manager of the Linz AG funeral home, Univ. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Feik, Vice Rector of the University of Salzburg and Univ. Prof. Dr. Fabio Monticelli, director of the Deparment of Forensic Medicine, cut the opening ribbon with scalpels. It was a well attended and festive celebration.

Press release of the Linz AG


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    The Austrian Academy of Sciences has awarded Mag. Dr. Daniel Ehrmann, university assistant and doctoral candidate in the Department of German Studies, four year APART-Grant, which he will start on the1. 3. 2021.During this time he will complete his post doctoral thesis project „Aggregation. Relationaliity and the Constellations of Literature (1650 – 1950). Toward a medium range historical model.
    On the 05th March 2021 Univ. Prof. John W. C. Dunlop is holding a lecture on the topic of zum "Swarming Behaviour in Confinement - How curved surfaces influence pattern formation in biology." The lecture will take place at 14:00/ 2 pm online via Webex. The Department of Biological Sciences cordially invites you to attend.
    The project funding programme for research between PLUS and South East Asian partner universities, ASEA-UNINET Call 2021-2022 (Project implementation period: 1st October 2021 - 30th September 2022) is now open.
    Prof. Dr. Jude Lal Fernando, Assistant Professor at the Irish School of Ecumenics at Trinity College Dublin, will be holding lectures in SS 2021 on the topic of "Interreligious Relations in Asia" at the Centre for Intercultural Theology in the area of Religious Studies.
    The Project Application BioMat-TEM with the total volume of €1,948 million within the Framework of the Infrastructure funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agenvy (FFG) has been approved.
    Six researchers from Europe and the USA were recently honored with the prestigious IFIP TC13 Pioneer Award for outstanding contributions on the topic of Human-Computer Interaction worldwide.Among them is the Head of HCI at the PLUS, Prof. Manfred Tscheligi.
    The programme for the summer semester is now online and the courses will be released shortly. We have improved our entrepreneurship courses. register by the 14th March 2021.
    The restrictions of the pandemic – not only at the university – are becoming even more testing. Thank to everyone who, despite all the difficulties, has helped to keep the university running as best they can.
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    05.03.21 Swarming Behaviour in Confinement How curved surfaces influence pattern formation in biology.
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