17 May: Urban Space as a Cultural Zone of Negotiation

Symposium. Wednesday, 17 May, 2017, 14:00 - 19:30, W & K Atelier. Organization & Moderation: Siglinde Lang / Sandra Chatterjee. To be able to participate actively in shaping one's own life is regarded as a fundamental right of civil society and includes the right to cultural participation. But is this participation made use of and fully utilized?

Denn zumeist wissen BürgerInnen sehr genau, wo Veränderungspotentiale des eigenen städtischen Umfeldes vorliegen und welche Erneuerungen sie sich für den eigenen Stadtteil oder Block wünschen. Oft mangelt es jedoch an dem Impuls, (selbst) aktiv zu werden. Zumeist fehlen auch die erforderlichen Werkzeuge, um Prozesse des Wandels zu initiieren und Schritte des Handelns zu setzen.Das Symposium mit Gastvorträgen von Christa Müller, Simone Egger und Hilke Berger setzt sich mit dem zivilgesellschaftlichen Potential in urbanen Veränderungsprozesse auseinander, erörtert unterschiedliche künstlerische und kulturelle Artikulations- und Handlungsstrategien und reflektiert Formen des Mit-Einanders als Praxen einer intervenierenden stadtpolitischen Haltung.

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    The Munich group of the Alumni Club was founded last week with a kick-off event in the Kunsthalle. It is also possible to keep close contact with graduates who do not live in Salzburg and to offer them a common communication platform.
    Kristin De Troyer from Salzburg is the new president of the "European Society for Theological Research of Women" (ESWTR). In order to strengthen the feminist agenda, De Troyer wants to network theologians even more closely.
    Sonja Molnar analyzes linguistic changes in the production of consumer products.
    Fifty-five participants and 15 lecturers from all over the world will be taking part in the 19th summer course of the Salzburg Law School on International Criminal Law, Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law (SLS, http://sls.sbg.ac.at), Sunday, 30 July until Wednesday 9 August, 2017.
    Following the success of the previous year, the PLUS Green Campus Summer School took place from 17 to 21 July, 2017, with participants from different disciplines such as material sciences, mathematics, politics, biology and psychology.
    From 1 to 31 August, the Literaturarchiv Salzburg will display valuable autographs and documents from the Haslinger Collection. The opening of the exhibition takes place on 31 July with readings by Alois Brandstetter and Erwin Einzinger.
    In Salzburg, the art business will be in full swing in Summer 2017. During the five week Festival, the city, as the cultural centre, is promoting numerous musical and theatrical productions, as well as exhibitions.
    The Summer Uni "ditact_women's IT" of the University of Salzburg is specifically aimed at women with technical interests. It takes place from 21 August to 2 September at the Unipark Nonntal and at the Fachhochschule Salzburg. Information: http://www.ditact.ac.at.
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  • 22.08.17 Designing Unstable Technology for Unstable Futures
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